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Lab Alumni
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Ashley Bennett worked on pollination ecology in biofuel crops as a postdoctoral research associate in the Isaacs lab. Her project looked at the influence of landscape context on pollinators and pollination services, modeled the effect of increasing annual biofuel production on pollinator abundance and diversity, and identified harvest strategies for prairie biofuel plantings that maximize pollinator conservation. She is currently a data analyst at Syngenta Crop Protection.

Craig Roubos researched the ecology and management of insect pests of blueberry and grape as a postdoctoral research associate. Craig is now an associate scientist at Emergent BioSolutions.

Brett Blaauw completed his PhD in 2013 on the enhancement of conservation biocontrol in perennial fruit crops with the addition of native wildflower plantings next to the crop field. Brett is now a postdoctoral researcher in Anne Nielsen's lab at Rutgers University.

Annie Kirk developed a deterministic model of blueberry pollination to predict crop yield based on varying strategies of managed pollination investment for her PhD. Annie is now a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Minnesota coordinating monitoring, research and extension related to the invasive spotted wing Drosophila.

Ashley Leach worked on pollination ecology in blueberry as an undergraduate researcher. She also conducted an independent research on optimizing bait for Spotted Wing Drosophila detection. She is currently at Cornell University pursuing her M.S.

Monica Hufnagel researched the susceptability of bioenergy grasses to insect pests. She is now a research technician in the Szendrei Vegetable Entomology lab at MSU.

Noel Hahn worked on the life cycle and distribution of a blueberry pest, the cecidomyid Dasineura oxycoccana, methods of controlling it and its effects on blueberry yield. Noel is now at Rutgers working on his PhD with Cesar Rodriguez-Saona and George Hamilton.

Julianna Wilson (formerly Tuell) completed her Ph.D. in 2007 studying sustainable crop pollination in highbush blueberry and the use of native plants for attracting wild bees. As a post-doctoral researcher in the lab, she led several pollinator-related projects comparing different seed mixes in various agricultural systems and the effects of different bioenergy cropping systems on native bee abundance, bumble bee colony growth, and pollination services. Julianna is currently the Tree Fruit IPM Outreach Specialist at MSU: http://juliannatuell.weebly.com/

Luis Teixeira worked on the biology and control of blueberry maggot fly and studied the phenology and mating disruption of grape berry moth as a Post Docotoral researcher the Isaacs lab. Luis is now a Global Research Coordinator for DuPont Crop Protection.

Leo Parra worked as visiting research scientist in the Isaacs lab during the summer of 2009. Leo studied blueberry flower volatiles and pollination while in our lab. Leo recently completed his PhD and is now a postdoctoral researcher at Universidad de la Frontera in Temuco, Chile.

Nate Walton completed his MS on conservation biological control and native bee conservation in blueberry farms during 2009. Since then, he has completed his Phd working in the Grieshop Lab on organic approaches to fruit pest management.

Scott Prajzner has graduated from MSU and is working with Mary Gardiner at Ohio State University in Wooster as a research technician.

Natalia Botero-Garces studied grape berry moth behavior and ecology in Michigan vineyards and surrounding woods for her Ph.D. She currently works as a production research manager for Driscoll's Berries in California.

Zsofia Szendrei explored the ecology and management of Japanese beetle in Michigan blueberries. She is now the Vegetable Entomologist at Michigan State University.

Rodrigo Mercader worked on grapevine physiology and tolerance to herbivory, specifically by Japanese beetle and rose chafer. After a Ph.D in Dr. Scriber's lab he has most recently been studying the Emerald Ash Borer, a new invasive insect attacking our forests, in Deb McCullough's lab. Rodrigo is now an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at Wasburn University in Topeka, Kansas.

Paul Jenkins is now the Grape and Wine Integrator at MSU. He studied grape berry moth Management in Michigan vineyards for his Master's degree in the Isaacs' lab.

Kirsten Pelz-Stelinski studied rhagoletis fruit fly behavior, ecology and management in collaboration with Larry Gut for her MS degree . She is currently working as a Post doc at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Kirsten is an Assistant Entomologist at the Citrus Research and Education Center in Lake Alfred, Florida.

Matt O'Neal joined the Isaacs lab for a year to investigate biological control in blueberries, with a focus on carabid beetles. He is now the soybean entomologist at Iowa State University.

Nikhil Mallampalli is a member of the Biological and Ecological Effects Division at the EPA in Washington DC. His postdoctoral research in the Isaacs' lab focused on fruitworm sampling and ecology in blueberries.

Darek Gajek from Poland's Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture visited our lab in 2001 to study blueberry bud mites. He is currently an independent contractor in Integrated Fruit Production in Poland.

Elly Maxwell ran our grape berry moth colony while she was an undergrad at MSU. After getting her MS degree from Auburn University, she has moved to Midland, Michigan where she is Entomologist at Dow Gardens.

Mark Vander Werp inherited the grape berry moth colony from Elly Maxwell and studied the behavior of neonate larvae while he worked in our lab. He now works for Rose Pest Solutions in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Jillian Kallenbach was another grape berry moth colony manager. She also worked on mating disruption, ran tussock moth bioassays and helped with fieldwork. She is currently pursuing her MS in Physiology at Stanford.

John Pote manged the grape berry moth colony, worked on phenology and control of blueberry stem gall wasp, and was also involved in bioassays and pheromone extractions. John received his MS degree at MSU working on apple flea weevil in the Organic Pest Management lab, and is now pursuing a PhD at Rutgers.
Krystal Krejick

Trisha Samota manged the grape berry moth colony. She is currently a lab technician in the Classical Biological Control of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Lab at Michigan State University.

Emily May completed her M.S. in the Isaacs Lab studying the conservation of native pollinators. She worked on the Operation Pollinator project in blueberries. She is now working for the Xerces Society cotinuing her work with native bee conservation in specialty crops.