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Lab Alumni

Alumni from our lab are engaged in a wide range of career paths. Summer students and temporary technicians have taken a wide array of jobs after graduation including ski patrol, lab manager, medical student, graduate student, veterinary student, conservation coordinator, and world traveler. Former students and postdocs are working across North America, in Europe, and in South America and they include faculty at universities working in positions focused on research, extension, or teaching, or some combination of those options. It’s always exciting to hear from our alumni, so if you are reading this page, please let us know where you are now!

This list below shows a selection of lab alumni and their current jobs, demonstrating the types of career opportunities open to people with training from our lab and the Department of Entomology at MSU. Studying this subject along with your experiences working in a lab, farm, or classroom setting can take you far!

Ashley Bennett. Project Manager, Electric Power Research Institute, Tennessee

Julia Brokaw. Ph.D Student (wild bee nesting), University of Minnesota

Phillip Fanning. Associate Professor of Agricultural Entomology, University of Maine

Knute Gundersen. Contract data scientist, North Carolina

Heather Leach. Extension Associate (invasive species), Penn State University

Nikhil Mallampalli. Entomologist, Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC

Keith Mason. Enviroweather Program Coordinator, Department of Geography, MSU

Emily May. Pollinator Conservation Specialist, The Xerces Society, Connecticut

Mario Pinilla. Ph.D Student (bee-virus ecology), North Carolina State University

Logan Rowe. Conservation Associate, Michigan Natural Features Inventory, MSU

Thomas Wood. Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Mons, Belgium