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Pollination Resources

Below are some selected Extension resources related to bees and other pollinators. Please visit the Michigan Pollinator Initiative website for many more resources. 

Attracting beneficial insects with native flowering plants

The fold-out brochure based on research conducted at Michigan State University provides information on natural enemies and pollinators, and a season-long list of blooming plants that are highly attractive to one or both groups.

Conserving native bees on farmland

This publication gives a broad overview of the strategies growers can use to adjust their farming practices for the benefit of wild pollinators.

Bees of the Great Lakes Region and wildflowers to support them

This pocket guide provides an overview of the diverse community of wild and managed bees across the Great Lakes region. Packed with photos of the most common bee species and showing photographs and descriptions of wildflowers that are attractive to bees, the guide also provides a section on bee conservation with some practical steps to take. This can be ordered from the MSU Extension Bookstore. Search for “3282” in the search box

Minimizing pesticide risk to bees in fruit crops

This 16 page guide identifies potential pesticide risks to bees on fruit farms and suggests specific strategies that would minimize these risks. It draws onknowledge of bee biology, pesticide action and farming practices to provide advice on a series of common-sense practices growers can follow to reduce pesticide risk to bees.